Need a smarter way to manage your network?

To all the MIS engineers tired of bringing in laptops to data center in order to fix networking problems, now with PLANET’s exclusive color touch LCD design, a revolutionary solution to the daily work, enterprises will be able to save an incredible amount of time and costs while managing large-scale networks.

PLANET developed the world’s first Color Touch LCD Ethernet Switch that features quick installation, and real-time monitoring of data transmission and PoE status. With the intuitive Touch LCD control, IT technicians are able to do immediate troubleshooting such as cable diagnostics and centralized network equipment identification, without having to log in to a computer, which greatly enhance the network management efficiency.

This cutting-edge Plug and Watch Ethernet solution makes the operation of the network management simple and efficient for SMBs, enterprises, warehouses, factories, hotels, government buildings, and other public areas.

PLANET was the first in the industry to incorporate user-friendly and problem-solving design into its networking solutions when its world’s first touch LCD switch was launched. With positive feedback from the market, PLANET has seen the demand for touch LCD series expand, and the enterprise Wireless AP Managed Switch with LCD touch screen and PoE capability won the 2019 Taiwan Excellence Silver Award.

With the most complete and reliable product line of LCD Switches that feature various specifications, customers are able to find solution that fits perfectly in various applications. PLANET Intuitive Touch LCD product series include:

  • LCD Ethernet Switches
  • Touch LCD 802.3at PoE+ Switches
  • Touch LCD 802.3bt Ultra PoE Switches
  • Touch LCD Flat-type Switches
Intuitive LCD & Smallness Make Network Management & Deployments Easier & More Flexible

The user-friendly LCD control panel design is also embedded in our flat-type products. PLANET Industrial PoE Router provides real-time monitoring and configuration via touch LCD screen. It’s convenient for users to switch current working modes between router and switch mode via LCD touch panel. Users can not only configure device but also immediately monitor the applied setting from LCD screen. IT staff does not need to use notebook to identify configuration changes. Thus, it helps IT staff or system integrators save operating costs and time.

In addition to the standard Gigabit Ethernet models, PLANET presented its Color Touch LCD PoE Switch Series that is compatible with IEEE 802.3bt PoE++ and 802.3at PoE+, offering a total 300~600-watt PoE budget. With the PIN secured system, users can access the listed management functions and device information status easily and securely through its Touch LCD control.

  • System IP address, VLAN and QoS configuration
  • PoE management and status
  • Port management and status, and SFP information
  • Cable diagnostic and remote IP ping
  • Reboot, factory default and save configuration
  • ONVIF device list and status
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