Flexible, Cost-effective SIP Communications Solutions

Businesses large and small are discovering the proven efficiencies and cost benefits of a SIP-based communications system. Transmitting voice and data over a single unified network simplifies a company's IT infrastructure while VoIP technology combined with a Hosted or Open Source Asterisk PBX solution lowers monthly phone bills.

Cost-effective, easy-to-install and simple-to-use, these solutions can convert standard telephones into IP-based networks. They enable the service providers and enterprises to offer users the traditional and enhanced telephony communications services via the existing broadband connection to the Internet or corporation network.

Now, changing work locations within your office means simply taking your phone with you and plugging it into an Ethernet port. Extensions and other preferences are preserved when you move the phone to a new location.

A pioneer in world-class telephony technology solutions, PLANET offers a wide range of SIP endpoints — from feature-rich desktop models to cordless options that let you cost-effectively outfit an entire office. Engineered with extensive, intuitive provisioning options, PLANET SIP phones feature plug and play simplicity to get them up and running right away.

Powerful, Business-friendly Features
• HD Voice

The PLANET VoIP Series features Wideband codec G.722 and Opus audio codec, high-definition voice for crisp, precise sound quality whether delivered via the handset, speakerphone or optional headset. An Echo Cancellation feature combined with an expanded acoustic chamber further enhances sound quality. All phones in the series feature wideband-compliant, hearing aid compatible handsets along with built-in, high-quality speakers and microphones.

Conferencing Solutions

The convenient 3-way Conferencing and Conference Room feature, available on all PLANET VoIP Series, will help you save time and resources. A paging function lets you quickly get two or more colleagues on the phone with you for a conference even if they're located at the opposite ends of the country.

• Keyless Control and Convenience via SIP IP Intercoms

Advancements in residential door lock security have been enhanced with secure authentication technology which supports many ways of opening door without a key. The door not only can be open via an RFID card but also a password if it is an electronic door lock. Thus, you can enter your home without having to use a key.

Its simple user interface enables you to easily arm and disarm your home security system, view status of doors and door locks, and see live video from cameras in and around the house – all at the touch of a button. Quick-read information, such as time, and more are available via on-screen widgets that are constantly updated. One glance at the display panel shows who is outside your door, and you can decide to start a dialogue or open the door lock. In addition, with PLANET IP PBX, IP intercoms and IP cameras make the door communication system comprehensive and easy.

• Watch Live Surveillance via SIP IP Intercoms/Cameras

PLANET SIP communication solution integrated with IP PBX, IP phone and IP Intercoms helps users to watch live surveillance view more easily just by dialing a phone number. Initially, users have to register an account on the SIP-based IP PBX, which enables them to dial the phone number to watch live surveillance images via SIP video phone right away. Moreover, after an SIP softphone app is installed, users can check the surveillance images anytime, anywhere by dialing the phone number on their mobile phone. With the IETF Session Initiation Protocol 2.0 (RFC 3261) and ONVIF protocol for easy integration with general voice over IP system and video management system, the IP PBX/NVR device is able to broadly interoperate with equipment provided by VoIP/IP surveillance infrastructure providers, thus enabling them to provide their customers with better multimedia exchange services.

• Green IP Office

The Fax to Email/Email to Fax service by PLANET IP PBX allows users to transfer/receive faxes directly to/from your email inbox as file attachments. It's an easy and confidential way of receiving, storing and forwarding important fax documents, thus creating a paperless green office.

• Low Total Cost of Ownership

The VoIP series is designed to complement your existing communications infrastructure, yielding a low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and maximizing ROI (Return On Investment). Select models feature a second data port, so you can connect a second device to the network without the time and expense of running an additional Ethernet cable. All VoIP CPE models are PoE ready, so you won’t need an electrical supply, thus eliminating adaptors or electricians’ fees.

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