Sustainability Achievements

  • PLANET’s brand is recognized in more than 140 countries, with substantial and stable profitability. The EPS in 2021 was NT$ 5.14.
  • PLANET was consecutively ranked in the top 5% of TPEx-listed companies in 2020 and 2021“Corporate Governance Evaluation” in Taiwan.
  • PLANET was ranked top 1 in the group of mittelstands for the 2021 Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award, winning the award for the 15th consecutive year.
  • PLANET was selected as a benchmarking enterprise for the 4th time and was included in the 2021 Enterprise ESG Yearbook.
  • PLANET’s renewable energy management controller, with its user-friendly and innovative design, won “2021 Taiwan Excellence Award”, “2021 Computex Best Choice Award” and “2021 International Innovation Awards” by Enterprise Asia.
  • PLANET has been continuously strengthening responsible supply chain management. In 2021, the signing rate of supply chain code of conduct compliance statement reached 100%.
  • PLANET has always attached importance to the publicity and practice of office energy savings and carbon reduction. The staff participation rate for its ESG traning reached 100%.
  • PLANET has adopted Pinglin organic tea plantation for 12 consecutive years, with staff participation rate hitting 84% in 2021.
  • PLANET has expanded the planting area of Pinglin organic tea plantation from 1 hectare in 2010 to 53 hectares in 2021.
  • PLANET obtained the "Badge of Accredited Healthy Workplace" in 2021.
  • No discrimination of any kind occurred in PLANET’s employment in 2021.
  • Total employee training hours in 2021 reached 2,685 hours, with an average of 17.32 hours per employee.
  • PLANET has formed the “Epidemic Response Team” for control and prevention of COVID-19 epidemic situation, and has established the “Epidemic Prevention Manual” and the “Emergency Response Plan for COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention”. Since January 2020, PLANET has maintained a record of zero staff infection for 51 consecutive months.
  • In 2021, PLANT provided a total of 108 hours of on-site health care services. One-on-one consultation services of Traditional Chinese Medicine and physical therapy were provided quarterly, with a total of 99 employees attending the consultation in 2021.
  • PLANET has implemented the program of remedial education and psychological counseling for disadvantaged children since 2004, and 9,824 disadvantaged children have been helped to regain motivation and confidence in learning since then. Teachers and volunteers took part in development group activities for a total of 1,859 times, and a total of 11,683 people have received sponsorships or counseling so far.
  • In 2021, 120 children of PLANET’s employees received the Education Subsidy for Employees’ Children. From 2006 to 2021, a total of 962 children of employees have benefited from the subsidy.
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