Sustainable Employment

PLANET has always attached great importance to employee training, employee welfare, human rights and safety and health, so that employees can give full play to their talents in a safe working environment, which will ultimately enhance the company’s human resources and strengthen its competitiveness. To maintain a harmonious labor relation, PLANET has established multiple communication channels to maintain smooth communication between employees and the management team.

Sustainable Human Resources Development

PLANET has established a complete talent cultivation and development mechanism to help employees improve their professional skills and have better career development.

Gender Equality Workplace

PLANET continuously practices diversity and gender equality in employment to maintain an equal and friendly workplace. It strives to protect human rights following the labor regulations and international human rights conventions, such as the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Global Compact, Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the International Labor Office Tripartite Declaration of. Principles. PLANET prohibits the employment of illegal labor and child labor. At the same time, the company protects the rights of employees with physical and mental disabilities, and gives priority to job seekers with physical and mental disabilities who meet the requirement of the job. In 2021, the number of employees with physical and mental disabilities accounted for 1.29% of the company's total staff, which was in compliance with government regulations. The company has always adhered to the principle of equal employment and does not consider a candidate's religion, race or party affiliation as a factor in deciding whether to hire or not. There have been no cases of discrimination in PLANET’s employment.

PLANET has always been an advocate for the principle of "gender equality in employment” and actively promoting "equal rights for male and female employees”. Employees doing the same work receive equal treatment and compensation regardless of their gender. Female employees’ opportunities for employment and job promotion throughout their professional career is also emphasized at PLANET. PLANET strives to create an equal, friendly, healthy and happy workplace environment. It was the first company in Taiwan to be presented with the “Taiwan Mittelstand Award for Gender Equality” by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) in 2015, and followed by the “Taiwan Mittelstand Award for Workplace Friendliness” in 2019.

Happy, Safe, and Healthy Workplace at PLANET

PLANET has built a sound welfare system for employee care, employee motivation and retention. The company has always been committed to providing a safe working environment for employees to maintain their safety and health.

Compensation and Benefit
  • Labor health insurance, group Insurance, yearly employee health checks
  • Performance-related pay and bonus, birthday bonus, holiday bonus, subsidy for wedding, funeral, childbirth, children’s education or emergency use
  • Employee group travel, club and sport activities
  • Offers options of maternity leave, volunteer leave and aboriginal leave
  • Regulations governing employee retirement and savings packages
Employee Care

PLANET cares about the work and life balance of employees. The company has designed the employee support program, which helps employees better balance their work, family, study and life.

  • PLANET Mentor program
  • PLANET Mentor program assigns senior employees in each unit to act as mentors to new employees to help them adapt to their role and company processes, as well as keep them up to date on the latest company news and events. The PLANET e-learning platform on the intranet also helps new employees with fitting into our corporate culture, promote understanding and networking between employees and departments, and the building of team rapport.

  • Programs to encourage childbirth and facilitate breastfeeding and nurseries
    • A pregnancy care pack given to pregnant colleagues for the new baby, and there are many practical items contained in the pack.
    • Transportation allowance for pregnant employees by taking a taxi to and from work within the three months before the birth of their baby.
    • An employee (or employee’s wife) who gives birth will receive a subsidy of NT$30,000 for each birth of a child.
    • A nursing room for female colleagues use during the work hours.
    • Contracted with a nursery school to provide exclusive nursery care service, including preferential registration fees and group pickup service.
  • Education subsidies for employees’ children
  • Employees are rewarded for their long-term commitment and contribution. The subsidy of NT$20,000 each year for each child eencourages employees to pay attention to their children's education and reduces the burden of education costs.

  • Flexible working hours
  • Flex-time packages are offered to employees if required due to lifestyle, change of circumstances, or study commitments. These improve satisfaction among employees and their families by helping them balance the needs of work, life, study and family.

  • Emergency assistance for employees
  • If an employee’s life is disrupted by a serious emergency that also impacts on their work, special emergency assistance packages are available to help alleviate the impact, and provide temporary protection of their livelihood so that the employee can focus on getting their work and life back in order.

  • Interest-free home loan for employees
  • Employees that have made a longstanding contribution may apply for an interest-free home loan on their down payment if they are buying their first home. Employees can then repay the loan over time based on their financial circumstances. The loan help employees settle down with their family and focus on their work.

Environmental Safety and Health

PLANET deeply understands that employees and suppliers are the most important assets for the sustainable development of the enterprise. PLANET continue to improve the safety and health condition in the process of its business operations and services to avoid unsafe actions, environment and equipment, thus to prevent occupational disasters and ensure the safety and health of employees.

Statistics on Occupational Disasters

PLANET is committed to reducing workplace injuries. The company’s statistics on occupational disasters are calculated according to the Major Disability Indicators published by the Ministry of Labor, with Injury Frequency Rate (FR) and Disabling Severity Rate (SR) as the main figures. Through various safety and health management plans, PLANET has achieved zero occupational disasters and zero job-related disease among its employees and contractors for six consecutive years. The total overall index of harm in 2021 was zero. To achieve the goal of zero occupational disaster, the company began to conduct statistical analysis of traffic accidents from 2020 onwards, aiming to improve the safety of employees on and off duty.

COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention

To respond to changes in the COVID-19 epidemic situation, PLANET protects the health of employees and relevant stakeholders while ensuring company operations.

  • Developed the “Business Continuity Plan” and “COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan” to provide employees with adequate information and ensure company operations.
  • Rolling adjustment of epidemic prevention measures to protect the health of employees.
  • PLANET has continuously enhanced employees’ awareness of COVID-19 epidemic prevention via its internal network.
  • “COVID-19 Pandemic Prevention Zone” on the company's internal website, e-mail, posters and other forms of publicity.
  • Caring epidemic prevention items: PLANET gives COVID-19 rapid test kits, essential oil hand cream, and hand cleaning mousse to employees for free.
Health Promotion and Management
On-site healthcare services

PLANET launched the“On-site health care service”, where health consultation is provided by professional nurses and physicians. Based on the analysis of health examination data, employee risk group management measures are established, and health education and referral services are provided. In addition, the company provides blood pressure monitor and regularly promotes health activities and services such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) consultations through e-newsletters and health lectures to enhance health culture of the company.

[Health 360] Comprehensive care plan for employees' physical and mental health

PLANET cooperated with Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital to help employees and their families maintain their health through the comprehensive health management model of "Prevention", "Maintenance" and "Consultation".

【Exercise for Relaxation during Working Hours】

Every Thursday, PLANET arranges for professional coaches to bring relaxing exercises to its employees, in which employees relax their body with accompanied music.

【Consultation and Lectures】

Physical therapy consultation, traditional Chinese medicine consultation, and health seminars.

【Health Activities】

Jogging, mountain climbing and hiking.

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