Environmental Sustainability

PLANET attaches great importance to the implementation of green energy, carbon reduction and environmental protection policies in its R&D and production. Environmental sustainability has been incorporated into the company’s management system with the setting of short-, medium- and long-term goals for environmental sustainability. PLANET strives to track the latest developments in environmental issues such as energy and climate change, improvement on energy efficiency and elimination of polluting emissions, pursuing its goal of “Road to Zero”.

PLANET’s Environmental Sustainability Goals

PLANET 2050 Net Zero Carbon Emissions Roadmap

The impact of climate change has become quite urgent, and the climate issue has attracted international attention. PLANET is actively facing challenges from climate change. Develop the "PLANET 2050 Net Zero Carbon Emissions Roadmap".

◾ Greenhouse Gas Inventory

PLANET has been continuously performing annual greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory in accordance with ISO 14064. PLANET’s GHG inventory covers the GHG emissions generated by Scope 1 (use of the company’s vehicles) and Scope 2 (electrical power usage). GHG Emissions in 2021 decreased by 30.45 tons/CO2e, or 5.3%, compared with the previous year.

In 2021, quarantine measures such as employee work diversion and work from home resulted in reduced electricity consumption and lower carbon dioxide emissions.

PLANET will conduct greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory in accordance with the ISO14064-1:2018 in 2022 and certified in 2023.

◾ Renewable Energy Use

PLANET responds to RE100 (Global Renewable Energy Initiative) target to achieve RE100 by 2050.

  • In Dec 2020, PLANET launched renewable energy project.
  • In April 2022, Participated in the RE10X10 "Climate Declaration".
  • In July 2022, PLANET used renewable energy, expected 10% renewable energy used of the total electricity consumption.
◾ Green Product Design and Renewable Energy Network Product Development

With its emphasis on the R&D of eco-friendly product design, PLANET set standards to developing products with “green” design, from technical development, sourcing, manufacturing, product use, transporting and recycling.

PLANET is the first brand to integrate renewable energy and Ethernet transmission technology. Its Renewable Energy network product series is designed for off-grid renewable energy applications in natural reserves or remote areas. As the power of the network infrastructure comes from renewable energy sources like solar power, wind power or hydro power, there is no need for utility power, thus helping the CO2 emissions and limiting global warming and climate changes. More information.

◾ Green Supply Chain Management

PLANET sets up “green supply chain management system” to ensure that all our products are manufactured with least impact to our environment. PLANET also establish a "green supply chain management platform", cooperating with our suppliers to manage green products and carbon footprint in order to move towards a sustainable green supply chain. More information.

Building a Low Carbon and Environmentally Sustainable PLANET

To accomplish its goal of “Net Zero Emissions ”, the company attached great importance to the issues such as such as “climate change”, “ecological water”,“energy conservation and carbon reduction”, and “resource recycling”.

◾ Carbon management
【Private Clouds】

Achieving energy savings through server virtualization.

【Lighting Replacement】

Reducing electricity consumption by 6% per month.

【Energy-Saving Air Conditioning】

Reducing electricity consumption by 4% per month.

【Energy-saving Fan】

Reducing electricity consumption by 1% per month.

◾ Waste management
  • PLANET has set up resource recycling area on each floor, and all the employees are required to carry out separation of recyclable resources as a daily practice, thus to protect the environment by resource recycling.
  • The company conducts industrial waste separation and recycling every year. In 2021, the company recycled 2.58 tons of non-hazardous industrial waste, of which recycled e-waste accounted for 20.88%.
◾ Implementation of Environmental Education and Action

【Recycling Economy】
Through environmental education and open and credible third-party platforms, PLANET encourages its employees to donate unused materials, to promote environmental awareness among employees and practice carbon reduction.

【Veggie Tuesdays for Environmental Protection】
PLANET organizes “Veggie Tuesdays for Environmental Protection” activity. The company cooperates with vegetable food restaurants and provides vegetarian meal to employees on Tuesdays.

【Water Resource Conservation】
The company’s adoption has stopped the organic tea plantation from using pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other toxic substances, which will avoid contaminating the water of Feitsui Reservoir.

【Mountain cleanup】
Supporting the guarding of forest and mountain ecosystem.

【Good Air and Happy Farm Life in Taiwan”program】
PLANET and Pu Yun Environmental Technology worked together to reduce carbon emissions and prevent air pollution by ending rice stubble burning.

【Training and Promotion】
Organizing environmental sustainability training and promoting environmental protection concepts.

Information on Climate Change

PLANET proactively responds to the risks posed by climate change, seizing opportunities in the transition to a low-carbon economy, and allocating resources to enhance its competitiveness and operational resilience. To concretely reflect the impact and influence of climate change on the company, PLANET's 2021 Sustainability Report adopts the Task Force on Climate-related Disclosures (TCFD) framework for the first time, conducting climate-related financial disclosures based on the four core elements recommended by the TCFD, namely governance, strategy, risk management, metrics and targets.

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