Message from the Chairman & CEO

Responsible and sustainable development is the business thinking and belief that PLANET has always held since its establishment in 1993. As one of the global suppliers of specialized networking and communications equipment, PLANET actively innovates and develops networking and communications products and solutions to enhance the competitiveness of its own brands in the global market. In the face of the great challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in the global market, PLANET achieved a revenue of NT$1.43 billion in 2021, the best operating performance ever. We must thank all our colleagues for their concerted efforts to make the company grow and our global customers, distributors and suppliers for their strong support. Meanwhile, PLANET has firmly implemented its CSR culture, always maintained a good corporate constitution, and constantly improved the performance of its ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) practices. PLANET was consecutively ranked in the top 5% of TPEx-listed companies in 2020 and 2021 “Corporate Governance Evaluation” in Taiwan. The company was also ranked top 1 in “2021 Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award” by CommonWealth Magazine (Taiwan).

PLANET’s vision is to become the leader of IP-based products and technologies in the global networking and communications market, fulfill its corporate social responsibility, and create sustainable corporate value. The company strongly focuses on meeting its ESG criteria to ensure sustainable investment, and proactively integrates the UN’s SDGs with the fulfillment of its corporate social responsibility. In the aspect of sustainable governance, PLANET will enter the era of Corporate Governance 3.0. In response to the global trend of sustainability and mitigation of climate change, the company officially changed the name of the functional committee of the board of directors, Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, to Sustainable Development Committee in early 2022, with the aim to strengthen corporate inheritance management and risk control. In the aspect of information security, the company is expected to obtain ISO 27001 Information Security Management System certification in 2022. In terms of information transparency, in 2022, a third party was asked to oversee PLANET’s 2021 Sustainability Report so as to meet the SASB standards in addition to GRI Standards. Meanwhile, the TCFD framework was also followed in the report. The TCFD framework of the company is expected to pass the preliminary review in 2022 and obtain external certification in 2023. It is believed that the company’s fulfillment of its corporate social responsibility in all these aspects will definitely enhance the overall strength of its business operations.

With the worsening climate change in recent years, net-zero emissions commitment has become an issue that enterprises must take seriously and fulfill to achieve sustainable development. To that end, PLANET has set the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050. To build a sustainable supply chain, PLANET has been conducting regular annual greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory since 2013. Since 2021, GHG inventory has been extended to the company’s supply chain. The company aims to complete supply chain carbon inventory by 2023 and obtain external certification by 2024. In its networking and communications business, PLANET has been adhering to the eco-friendly product design principles and committed to expanding the R&D of smart, user-friendly, and energy-saving products, and management platforms. The company's first renewable energy management controller can effectively achieve an off-grid network and reduce the carbon emission of network infrastructure. In 2021, the product won three awards at home and abroad, including Taiwan Excellence Award, Computex Best Choice Award and International Innovation Awards by Enterprise Asia, showing that PLANET’s products are equipped with technological innovation and environmental sustainability. In response to the RE100 (Global Renewable Energy Initiative), PLANET’s operation sites have gradually started using green electricity for mitigation of climate change. The company aims to realize 100% consumption of renewable energy by 2050. Moreover, the company will continue to implement ecological conservation of water resources and air pollution prevention projects, and promote environmental sustainability through diversified actions to reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse effect.

Talents are the foundation of enterprise growth and social integration. As a people-oriented enterprise, PLANET strives to create an equal, friendly, happy, safe and healthy workplace, and scientifically strengthens COVID-19 pandemic prevention measures. In 2021, the company developed its Business Continuity Planning (BCP), and promptly adjusted the plan in response to the changes of the epidemic situation so as to maintain the health of employees and their families. The secure working environment created by the company has enabled employees to use their expertise and potential and effectively helped them develop their careers. In the aspect of social engagement, PLANET focuses on educational issues. Since 2004, the company has been implementing the remedial education and psychological counseling for disadvantaged children in greater Taipei region to help those children who are slow-learners or those with emotional or behavioral problems to regain motivation for learning and self-confidence. Since 2014, PLANET has supported the “Reading Habits Promotion Program for Children in Rural Areas -- Give Children a Bright Future” for 8 years. Under this program, the company has helped elementary and junior high school students in rural areas in Taiwan develop their reading skills and expand their international perspective through education, which will not only generate positive thinking and a healthy mindset, but also help solve potential social problems and improve the quality of Taiwan’s human resources.

In line with the SDGs of the UN’s 2030 agenda and international ESG trends, PLANET will continue to refine its environmental, social and governance strategies and activities to enable its ESG iniatives to generate substantial benefits and long-term impact, thus promoting economic growth, environmental sustainability and social harmony. PLANET will do its best to fulfill its corporate social responsibility, create sustainable business value, and make contribution to the realization of global economic, social and environmental sustainability.

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